I Heart Beethoven

Beethoven is one of my three great loves. (I sketched the above picture last year.) He is the perfect example of someone who did not miss what being human meant for him. Beethoven is:

[t]he figure who dominates the nineteenth century […] the tousled figure […] in his garret. Beethoven is a man who does what is within him. He is poor, he is ignorant, he is boorish. His manners are bad, he knows little, and he is perhaps not a very interesting figure, apart from the inspiration which drives him forward. But he has not sold out. He sits in his garret and he creates. He creates in accordance with the light which is within him, and that is all a man should do; this is what makes a man a hero. -Isaiah Berlin, The Roots of Romanticism¬†

He still dominates parts of my soul.
Here is a link to one of my favourite bits. Click it. Turn it up. Embody it.

Violin Sonata Op. 12 Mvt. 3


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