Who is Zinnia?

When I was seventeenish, I read Margaret Atwood’s The Robber Bride for the first time.I fell in love with the mysterious and sultry Zenia. She was powerful in all the ways only a woman can be. I felt we held a special kinship. I knew, deep down, that I embodied her. And I embraced her powers in the hidden corners of my being.

And then, many moons later, I reread The Robber Bride. Zenia was not quite the character I had remembered her to be. She still oozed sexuality and power, but her powers were much more subtle than I had at first realized. She was a manifestation of the fears and insecurities women often cling to and in doing so, limit their own potential. With this realization, Zenia beckoned me to awaken the wild woman lurking within. Instead of embodying her, it was now my task to embody myself.

The spelling ‘Zenia’ seemed a little intense for my inner being. ‘Zinnia’ felt more appropriate, more delicate, more me.

And so:

Awaken Zinnia! Be true to yourself, do not miss the point of your life, do not miss what being human is for you!


  1. Isn't that the exact difference between your teens when you embody what's around you and your thirties, when you come into your own. Zinnia, btw, is definitely more powerful. Own it.


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