Our Little Junco

My bedroom has a patio window that leads out into our garden. To the left of the window is a little sitting area. It is rather comfy. If you choose to sit on the couch, a pot of lavender is fragrant at your elbow. Some bamboo rustles gently in a breeze and one’s mind is free to wander.

Apparently, a little junco finds this to be a spot of serenity as well. For, on top of the heater, which is installed above the couch, he has made a nest for himself and his soon to be family, or at least I think a soon to be family. I watched him gather up bits of moss and straw and carry it to his nest. Now he flits in and out of his abode with bits of birdseed in his mouth.

Normally a ground feeder, this junco has become a mini centurion keeping vigilant watch from the rhododendron bush or standing to attention high above the ground on the top of the post which holds the bird feeder. I admire him for his courage and his sense of duty.

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