Heron Catching

My Little Number Heron Catching

A few evenings ago, my little number and I decided to visit Crescent Beach a few minutes from our house. We spent time picking up stones, hunting for crabs, digging for clams (that we never caught) and trying to catch herons (that we also never caught).

It wasn’t until our trouser bottoms were soaked and the last of the herons had flown to safety, that I realized it had been at least twenty minutes and neither of us had spoken. My little number is two and a half, so one might imagine how rare such quiet might be. We were so lost in our own worlds and explorations that words were not necessary.

That twenty minutes of quiet togetherness reminded me of one of Amy Tan’s novels. I can’t remember which novel it was, but the main character in the novel, a busy woman and mother of two children, loses her voice for a week. She ends up enjoying the quiet so much that in the following years, she gifts herself a week of silence a year. She speaks to no one and life carries on around her.

I often fantasize about a week of silence myself, but have never had the self-discipline to do it.

Here is a link to a TED talk by Amy Tan entitled ‘Where Does Creativity Hide?’ It is not on the topic of a week of silence, but you may find it interesting nonetheless.

Where Does Creativity Hide?


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