Last Saturday, on a glorious summer’s evening, I went to English Bay to watch the fireworks along with 500,000 other people. Every year for the past 22 years, The Festival of Lights has brought people together to watch three or four countries compete for the best fireworks display over a period of four days. This year Vietnam was the first contestant to set the night on fire. 

At ten o’clock sharp the Vietnamese National Anthem streamed through speakers everywhere. It was then the most glorious thing happened. Every one of those 500,000 spectators rose from their coveted spots on beach, grass, boats, or patios to stand and show their respect. For the half an hour following, having comfortably sat back down, all heads were turned to the sky bound together by music and fireworks.
Just when I think that the world has descended into some horrid state of disrepair, something as marvellous as this proves to me the beauty, or the desire for beauty, of humanity.

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