My Teapot

My youngest sister and I, many moons ago, visited a little teashop in Kerrisdale called The Secret Garden (I am drawn to all things so magically labelled, The Secret Garden is one of my all time favorite reads). After sipping a delightful afternoon tea, I happened to notice a marvellous teapot biding its time on a shelf not far from where we were sitting. Bright green with gold leaf and a whimsical tree growing on its bulges. Around the top was written ‘Knowing Trees is a Lesson in Patience’. A perfect teapot. However, an expensive one. So we left the shop and I left the teapot to the realm of fantasy.

Only to have it find me. My sister had remembered the teapot and spotted it in a nearby teashop in White Rock. Imagine my delight when my wonderful sister, with the help of my brother, bought it for my birthday. We have enjoyed many cups of tea steeped in it since. It always warms me up.

If you are curious, my teapot is part of a collection called ‘Now and Zen’ and similar gorgeous teapots can be found at .

Happy sipping!

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