Permission Seeking


Sometimes my creative being, my inner daemon, screams at me, ‘Pay attention! I have arrived!’  When it becomes this loud,my body becomes shaky. It runs around folding laundry or sweeping under the beds. My mind becomes distracted and finds other deadlines to meet: like what shall we have for dinner tonight or is it too late in the season to prune the forsythia? It is as though my body and mind are uncertain whether they can uphold their part of the bargain.

It is with great resolve that I turn to my mind and body and say: ‘Stop! Adhere to your creative being!’ And even more strength to say: ‘Creative soul, you have my permission to create!’

Recently, however, I am making space for my creative being. Granting myself permission to create for perhaps only 15 minutes a day. All I have to d0 is show up. I think (I hope) my inner daemon is grateful that she can stretch out in this space. At least for the moment.

Perhaps you too can offer your creative being 15 minutes of freedom to explore. You may be surprised by what turns up.

Happy creating!



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