Little Rituals

I have developed a fabulous new pre-creating ritual inspired by Rosemary Lebeau. Her mother was a school teacher who would call her class to attention by ringing a little bell. Her mother gave Rosemary that little bell. Rosemary decided to include it in her creative practice:

When I report for a day’s work in my studio,
I ring this bell to signal the Powers that Be that
I am here, that I am open, and that I am willing
to do the work that my higher power gifts me.
That is my only preparation for work.
I don’t make sketches or plans;
I just show up and ask for divine assistance,
and then I give thanks when the day is done.
-Rosemary Lebeau Where Women Create Magazine

What a lovely idea. I happen to have a bell that I received from a magical bookstore in White Rock. This golden bell, a little roughened by time and use that predates me, has a face partially hidden on its handle. It usually plays a special part in my daughters and my solstice celebrations. I have expanded its call to my creative practice.

I am grateful for its call: Powers that Be! I am here! I am open! I am willing!

Have you called upon the Powers that Be for some creative assistance lately?



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