Thoreau Does Yoga

Sometimes when I am at work in my Magic Cottage, I take a break to just be. I become aware of the dappled sunlight, the spotted towhee hopping along the fence, the hazelnut tree offering its leaves. I free my gaze and I begin to see.

I invite you to release your gaze today. What do you see?



Thoreau is my latest ‘Ohmie’. I invite you to visit Thoreau and my other ‘Ohmies’ at my Etsy Shop. Come and join the fun;0)


  1. I bought several of your cards last november at the st. Thomas Aquinas Christmas craft fair. I love them, have given them away with great reluctance. would love more!!!! I don’t see your name in the vendors’ list for this year’s craft fair. are you panning to be at others/ how to get more of your creations/ cheers, crystal


    1. Hello Crystal,
      I hope that your 2018 is off to a wonderful start. Just a quick note to thank-you so much for coming all the way to the Christmas market to find me. It was lovely to see you.
      If you would like to order more cards, please visit my shop at and use the coupon code GRATITUDE for free shipping.
      Love and light,


  2. Hi Crystal,
    Thank-you so much for your kind words. I am so pleased that you like my cards so much! I love making them and knowing that they may bring a little joy to someone.
    I am not at the St. Thomas Aquinas Market this year, but I will be at the Shipyards Christmas Market on December 2 and 17. (The Market at the bottom of Lonsdale near the Lonsdale Quay and Tap and Barrel.)
    I am also in a few shops in Vancouver and at the wonderful 32 Books in Edgemont Village if you are a local North Vancouver person.
    Also, I have an online shop:
    email me directly at if you have any more questions.
    I hope that you have a lovely day.
    With warmth,
    ps. My shop has a 3 cards for $12 option as well.


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