A month ago I participated in the Shipyards Night Market in North Vancouver. Admittedly I was a little daunted. I felt like an imposter. I had never tried to sell my art so overtly before. I had to stand in front of people and assert that: yes this is my art. and yes it is for sale. and yes I would love it if you bought a piece!

After about an hour or so of standing and hoping, my art was yet to go home with anyone. My smile must have wavered because before me arose an angel who said:

‘I have no need for your work right now, but I will buy some because I think you need it.’

To my angel, I am grateful. She broke the spell and people went from complimenting my work to buying it! Wow!

Thank-you Angel of Shipyards Night Market.



ps. This Friday June 17 you can find me at the Shipyards Night Market once again. Bring your angel;)


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