micro MOVE ments

Lately, I have not felt creative at all. The summer, which I have been enjoying immensely, is flowing by and I have not been able to grasp any of the creative thoughts that flit through my heart and make something of them.

And then I remembered microMOVEments. A concept that I learned through SARK. MicroMOVEments, tiny little movements as simple as perhaps merely opening one’s journal for the day, and the next day perhaps laying one’s pen beside it, and on the third day, reaching for the pen and feeling its weight in one’s hand. Such microMOVEments can lead to big movements and soon enough an idea, a spark, is granted permission to manifest itself on paper.

With a cup of tea at hand, I am ready to embrace the sparks that dive into my soul. I have opened my journal and am ready to see what my pen may reveal.

Perhaps you need to embrace a few microMOVEments to ignite your spark?



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