Roald Dahl Does Yoga

Roald Dahl’s lovely short story The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar introduced my little girl self to the idea of ‘yoga’. It was such an exotic, unfamiliar way of being. Many years passed before I began to practice yoga myself. In fact, I even trained to be a yoga teacher. Unfortunately, perhaps simply because I have not practiced enough or surround myself with too many distractions, I still cannot levitate or see without my eyes. These goals, of course, were the sole purpose of practicing yoga at all in the mind of my young self.

With much love to Roald Dahl, his fascinating life and his many fabulous stories, I created this yoga print. So easily, could I picture Roald exploring the world of yoga,stretching his long body into sun salutations and breathing deeply, imagining a new storyline with each breath.

Thank-you for your wonderfulness Mr. Dahl.




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