In Gratitude to Yoga Teacher Training

Since I can remember, the margins of my notebooks have been full of drawings. In high school (despite many teachers’ discouragements) and university, my pen has had a life of its own describing my mind and my heart upon the edges of my notes. Consequently, when it has come time to dispose of old school notebooks, it was never the content of the notes that I struggled to abandon, but the margins themselves. And now My Magic Cottage boasts shelves piled high with stacks of journals filled with drawings and quotes that have come to narrate my life. And it is within these stacks that my imaginary world would have remained but for a summer or two ago.

It was then I decided to delve more deeply into yoga by taking Semperviva’s wonderful teacher training course. During class, (I promise I was listening) unsurprisingly, I spent a great deal of time drawing in the margins of my workbooks. My lovely yogini friends noticed this tendency and gently urged me to do something with these pictures. With their quiet suggestion and support, I began to consider myself an artist. I even opened an etsy shop and displayed my work at markets. I will admit that I have only taught a few yoga classes since my training, but  without the teacher training and the tremendous people I was blessed to meet, I may never have embraced my artist self. I remain truly grateful for Semperviva and my Ohmies.

And now Semperviva has taken on on my cards (thanks Lauren) at their West 4th Kits Studio! My gratitude for Semperviva runs deep. For it is through Semperviva that I developed the courage to acknowledge myself as an artist and reawaken as I follow my creative spirit.

Zinnia Awakens: Playful Paper Goods can now be purchased at the fabulous Semperviva Yoga studio in on West 4th and Yew in Kitsilano!

In Gratitude,


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