Edgar Allan Poe Does Yoga

Lately, my girls and I have been obsessed with listening to Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven read by Basil Rathbone while we cruise around the neighbourhood in our flashy Dodge Caravan. Mr. Rathbone’s timing is amazing. He brings the sinister mystery of the poem to life. He has us all on the edges of our seats. (although I often have to press pause as my three year inquires: is he dead? is the raven really death? is it his imagination?) Many questions and so far only a few nightmares. Fabulous poem and fabulous reading:) You must listen! Here is a link: Basil Rathbone reads The Raven



Ps. The audio book we listen to has many other great poems too; often read by the poets themselves. Poetry Speaks to Children

Pps. Mr. Poe is one of my latest ‘Ohmies’ at my shop:)

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