Do Your Best

Last year, I found this gorgeous cup that reads ‘do your best’ on the outside. I thought what a perfect cup for my girls after they have had a challenging day. We could sit together, sip tea, talk about their problems while their hands and hearts are warmed with the subtle reminder ‘do your best’. Not everything we do will be perfect and we cannot control other people’s responses; but what we can do is do our best.

What I have found this year though, is that I have been needing this cup and this reminder. Life is busy and time is precious, all I can do is do my best in each moment as it arises. My best my not garner stupendous results, but that is okay.

So thank-you girls for sharing your cup with me. I am trying my best.



I have added this image to a card in my shop Zinnia Awakens Playful Paper Goods. Perhaps you have someone in your life who, like me, could do with this gentle reminder.

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