I Heart Phytoncides

Trees are wonderful beings. Their majestic trunks and limbs house birds, insects, bats, squirrels, raccoons; all manner of creatures. But, something perhaps even more magical are the phytoncides they emit. Although though these phytoncides are meant to protect the tree itself from rot and insects, their protection extends to the ferns, moss, and other earthy vegetation nestled at its base, like a mother’s whisperings of love and protective incantations.

And, when we breathe in the forest air, we too inhale the magical potion a tree casts into the air. Magical enough to affect our well-being by lowering our stress levels and enhancing the efficiency of our immune system.

So next time you are invited to forest bathe, whether by a well meaning friend or your oft rough treated soul, please, soak yourself, sink in, infuse yourself with nature’s remedies. Bathe your spirit. Bathe your soul. Breathe deeply.



Ps. another reason to get out of the city for a bit.

(also only certain plants emit phytocides…cedar, oak, pine, many spices, garlic, onion and many more)

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